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Mirian Breuer on the 'core Berlin vibe'

Reading Time: 1:30 Minutes

Mirian is not a Berliner, but that doesn’t alter the fact that he behaves as one. He works as Manager Global Policy & Government Relations for Klarna, which aligns perfectly with his enduring passion for politics. We met him at our debut in Berlin back in June 2023 and here is what he told us.

What is the thing you like the most about your job?

What really lights up my work is getting to connect with all kinds of people from so many different backgrounds. I'm in conversations with policy makers in Germany and across the EU, teaming up with fintech peers all over Europe, and collaborating with my awesome Global Policy & Government Relations crew based in Washington, Brussels, London, Stockholm, and Paris. Every day is a mix of exciting conversations and fresh insights.

What is the biggest challenge when working in Government Relations?

One of the biggest challenges (there are so many!) in Government Relations is striking the right balance between delving deep into details and communicating in a way that's accessible to everyone. It's like zooming in while still keeping the big picture in sight. Not an easy balancing act, but a fun one!

Referring to what you said in the interview, what is the 'core Berlin vibe' for you?

The ‘core Berlin vibe’ for me is kicking back against some of the stiffness and seriousness of other places. It’s a more laid-back energy and genuine openness while making new things happen. There’s a place for everyone in Berlin – regardless of their story. That allows for an environment where ideas that might not stand a chance elsewhere not only survive but actually thrive. The perfect ecosystem for innovation, right?