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Favorite Spots in Berlin

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Raphael Steil, co-founder of getqui, saying that his one spot is Grunewald, where he regularly walks his dog in the morning, reflecting on his work at getquin and planning exciting new projects.

Raphael Steil is the co-founder getquin, a platform that helps people to track their entire net-worth in one place to make better and more informed investment decisions. Founded back in early 2020 in Berlin, the company has quickly grown into being Europe’s largest online financial community of self-directed investors.
Originally from Luxembourg, Raphael started his professional career in 2014 within a private bank before moving to London, where he worked for Deutsche Bank’s M&A team covering financial institutions.


Every individual, whether they like it or not, will encounter financial matters at some point in their lives. Therefore, working in fintech provides me with the privilege to create tools that can assist people in making wiser financial choices and, ultimately, grant access to technology that may otherwise be beyond reach for the average consumer. 
However, these tools not only have to be useful and secure, but they also must align with the experience that users desire. Having begun my career in the traditional environment of a private bank, I truly appreciate the innovation that we and so many other companies have introduced in recent years to align with the changing needs of users. This ultimately makes working in fintech an incredibly exciting endeavour!


In my opinion, to convert an idea into a company, you need two crucial variables, one being access to a network you can learn from, be it fellow entrepreneurs and investors, and secondly, a great and diverse talent pool. Berlin offers both, so it was an easy decision to start getquin here!
Besides, I appreciate the growing presence of fintech companies in Berlin. This includes not only newly founded startups but also established companies that are choosing to establish offices in the city. These developments are only further solidifying Berlin's position as a new player in the financial sector.


Not only is Berlin a vibrant city, it offers as well great nature surroundings, which for me is a key aspect to feel at home in any city.
So my number one spot is Grunewald, where you can find me regularly early in the morning walking my dog, reflecting on our work at getquin and planning exciting new projects for our customers!