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Favorite Spots in Berlin

Reading Time: 1:30 Minutes

Picture of Andreas Gruber (DKB) in the center of the image and a quote on his favorite spot on the right hand side

Dr Andreas Gruber is the first Chief Sustainability Officer of DKB AG. As CSO, he is responsible for the strategic bundling of sustainability issues and for strengthening the exchange on sustainable finance. Dr Andreas Gruber is also active in external bodies: he is an expert in the data and digitalization working group of the German Federal Government's Sustainable Finance Advisory Committee, a representative of DKB AG in the Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster Germany and deputy head of the Sustainable Finance Commission of The Association of German Public Banks (VÖB).

What does working in fintech mean to you?

Our lever for sustainability lies in directing financial flows towards sustainable projects. For this, we need data – without data, there is no sustainability. At DKB, we are on the path to becoming a Sustainable Techbank, combining the megatrends of sustainability and digitization. With their data-driven business models, fintechs not only provide valuable insights but also keep the pressure on traditional banks high. They force us out of our comfort zone, which immensely aids us in the monumental task of 'Shifting the Trillions'.

What is the major advantage of being situated in Berlin?

The proximity to politics. It sets the framework for the transformation of finance and the real economy, serving as both the heart and the metronome. Here, representatives from business, politics, NGOs, and civil society can sit together at one table and engage in discussions. This is not only unique but an absolute necessity when it comes to the cross-cutting topic of sustainability!

What’s your favorite place in Berlin?

The Alte Försterei! Here, you experience the entire spectrum of Berlin's way of life in one place: rugged nonconformity meets boundless energy and a committed, social community where every person is welcome. Even with my deeply Bavarian roots, I find it easy to identify as a Berliner here and sing 'Eisern Union' with conviction."