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Favorite Spots in Berlin 

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Carolin Gabor stands smiling with her arms folded in front of a Berlin graphic showing the Brandenburg Gate, an U-Bahn and the Berliner Dom.

Dr. Carolin Gabor, Co-Founder & Shareholder

Dr. Carolin Gabor is an experienced CEO & fintech entrepreneur and Co-Founder & General Partner of Caesar Ventures, a venture capital firm investing in technology, that leads to a better tomorrow. Carolin considers herself an avid learner with an unending obsession with team-building and customer experience. Today, in addition to being a member of the Digital Finance Forum of the German Ministry of Finance, she sits on several international boards. Caro spent the first ten years of her career with The Boston Consulting Group, holds a Doctor of Economics and Social Sciences from RWTH Aachen, and is an executive coach. She was recognized as one of the Top 100 Women in Business by Manager Magazin & The Boston Consulting Group.

What sets Fintech apart from other sectors?

Fintech is a highly regulated market. No one is keen to buy financial products, and it is super hard to compete, especially if you are a no-name startup. That said, a fintech has to be 100x better in customer centricity and ease of use than offerings from established players.

Why is your company located in Berlin?

As a VC firm, we have offices in Berlin and Munich, the two cities with the most exciting startup teams.

What's your favourite place in Berlin?

My favourite spot is the bridge at the Bode-Museum at dusk/sunset.