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Favourite Spots in Berlin 

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A smiling man in a white t-shirt in front of a Berlin background with a quote about his favourite place in Berlin.

John has 25 years' industry experience in data-driven reputation management and strategic communications. Provide strategic counsel to leadership teams to build and sustain reputation.

As a former Director of Global Communications & Public Affairs at wefox - world’s leading insurtech (Dec 2018 to Jan 2024), he helped 10x wefox brand-reputation and growth from startup to scale-up ($4.5bn valuation at time of departure).

He is ranked top 20 of “Propel 100 Most Influential Fintech PR Professionals in World 2023”.

What sets fintech apart from other sectors?

Put simply, fintech has the power to touch lives like no other industry by the sheer fact that we engage in financial transactions on a daily basis. It touches nearly all aspects of our lives yet the industry has remained largely opaque, complex and difficult to access. By combining technology, finance is democratised, empowering people in all walks of life to improve their financial wellbeing in the palm of their hands.

Why is your company located in Berlin?

Berlin has the potential to become a powerhouse for innovation. It has all the ingredients to become a "super city" - world-class universities, proximity to European markets, an international airport and great transport links, a fantastic healthcare and education system, and it's perfect for families. If you look at the criteria across the world for what constitutes a "super city", Berlin meets them all. The challenge is to harness and then leverage it so that the city creates an unfair advantage over others to become a global powerhouse for tech innovation.

What’s your favorite place in Berlin?

My favourite spot is Reeham Cafe in Schlüterstraße. It's by far the best coffee house in Berlin in my (very biased) opinion.